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Anonymous hackers claimed yesterday that they have broken into a server used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and leaked the database (password : fema) includes - names, addresses and other information of FEMA contractors, private defense contractors, federal agents and local authorities.
Hack was performed in response to Homeland Security training exercises that centered on a fictional version of the hacker collective.FEMA, under the Department of Homeland Security, conducts an National Level Exercise (NLE) each year.

"This is a message from some of us, to FEMA, to various world governments and to their complicit corporate lackeys who dwell in the shadows as well as to the 2.5 billion regular people who use the internet and have found that their right to privacy has been utterly destroyed." hackers said.
The Hacker News

The dump contains a table of user IDs and MD5 hashes of corresponding passwords and leaked mailing addresses connected to some of the people are not publicly affiliated with their employers and Anonymous referred to them as home addresses in an email.

"We are not fighting any one government or corporation, we are fighting any enemy of freedom of speech and anyone compromising the right to remain anonymous online, without fear of reprisals from governments or corporations with the legal authority or financial resources to destroy the lives of anyone who dares express opinions contrary to their own official line." anonymous said.

"This leak is dedicated to our fallen comrades, allies and those who fight for the same causes as us" said Anonymous in statement. "For Jeremy Hammond, for Weev, for Edward Snowden, for everyone who has risked and continues to risk their freedom for their belief in a world free from constant, invasive surveillance."

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