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$36,000 USD reward for wanted hacker

Japan's National Police Agency has offered a monetary reward for a wanted hacker, use programming languages like C# to create a virus called "iesys.exe" and Hijack systems of innocent people to post aggressive messages on Internet on behalf of Users. 

Method called a "Syberian Post Office" to post messages to popular Japanese bulletin board. Hacker use cross-site request forgery exploit, that allow hackers to making online postings via innocent users automatically. The messages included warnings of plans for mass killings at an elementary school posted to a city website.

It is the first time that Japan's National Police Agency has offered a monetary reward for a wanted hacker  and will pay up to 3 million yen (US$36,000). The case is an embarrassing one for the police, in which earlier this year four individuals were wrongly arrested after their PCs were hacked and used to post  such messages on public bulletin boards.

"Up until now this type of reward was reserved for cases involving crimes like murder and arson, but the policy has recently been changed to include more types of crimes," an agency spokeswoman said.

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