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Dutch media report Skype has Illegally (without court order) distributed a 16 years old user's personal information including user name, real name, email addresses and the home address used for payment to a private company consistently a police investigation into Anonymous-sanctioned cyber attacks on PayPal.
In 2011 most of the online payment solution companies blocked donations to WikiLeaks, in relation to this Anonymous Hacker DDOS paypal and Mastercard. During investigation of attack an IT firm reach skype for the information of their use and Skype handed over the personal information of a 16-year-old Illegally to them.

Dutch media report that Police operating the case as 'Operation Talang' which is actually focussed on two persons. Joep Gommers, senior director of global research at the Dutch IT security firm iSIGHT Partners, was hired by PayPal to investigate the attacks.

They are Alleged to have played a role in attacks on websites belonging to Mastercard, VISA and Paypal by hacker collective Anonymous. They dubbed the attacks "Operation Payback".

A spokesman for Skype, All which was recently acquired by Microsoft, says the company takes its customers' privacy very seriously. "It is our policy not to bieden customer data Unless we are served with validation request from legal Authorities, When or legally and required to do so, or in the event of a threat to physical safety," the spokesperson said.

The company says it is reviewing how personal information came into the hands of a private firm.

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