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Paul F Renda going to begin a series on hacking the politics in the united states and why India and china won the past Presidential election.

This eclectic hacker look will use partial differential equations, game theory, the prisoner's dilemma, and fractals. I am going to show unequivalently that the true winner of the election is the expanding middle class in India and China. The losers are the middle class in the United States and, in particular, 19–34-year-old. Sometimes in history a confluence of unusual events occur every 100 years or 1,000 years; this is such a time.

Dorothy, fasten your seatbelt. It is going to be a bumpy ride: You are not in Kansas anymore.

In order for me to talk about politics and the election, I first have to introduce the Curley effect. This concept was developed by using empirical data and partial differential equations. It is mathematically sound, and mathematics is the language of the universe.
I have copied the abstract and second paragraph of an article explaining the Curley effect below:
'The Curley Effect: The Economics of Shaping the Electorate'
Edward L. Glaeser
Harvard University and NBER
Andrei Shleifer
Harvard University and NBER
James Michael Curley, a four-time mayor of Boston, used wasteful redistribution to his poor Irish constituents and incendiary rhetoric to encourage richer citizens to emigrate from Boston, thereby shaping the electorate in his favor.
As a consequence, Boston stagnated, but Curley kept winning elections. We present a model of using redistributive politics to shape the electorate, and show that this model yields a number of predictions opposite from the more standard frameworks of political competition, yet consistent with empirical evidence (Glaeser and Shleifer Page Number).

We call this strategy—increasing the relative size of one's political base through discretionary, wealth-reducing policies—the Curley effect. However, it is hardly unique to Curley. Other American mayors and also politicians around the world have pursued policies that encouraged emigration of their political enemies, thus raising poverty but gaining political advantage. In his 24 years as mayor, Detroit's Coleman Young drove White residents and businesses out of the city.

Under Young, Detroit has become not merely an American city that happens to have a black majority, but a black metropolis, the first major Third World city in the United States. The trappings are all there—showcase projects, black-fisted symbols, an external enemy, and the cult of personality. (Chafets 177). Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe abused White farmers following his country's independence, openly encouraging their emigration even at a huge cost to the economy (Glaeser and Shleifer Page Number).

I do not believe that U.S. President Barack Obama has read the Curley effect. However, Obama is a community organizer who instinctively knows that if you make people dependent on the government, the government must expand. As the government becomes larger, the private sector becomes smaller. The big problem is that it is only the private sector that creates products and innovations that can be sold overseas. The government is 100 percent overhead (I have to confess, at this point, that I, too, work for the government; however, I have to say that a lot of what I am writing here, I actually saw coming 20 years ago: The government worker has become the new aristocracy in the United States). Obama's regulations are destroying the private sector in this country and killing the middle-class–job-engine economy. Companies are moving out of the United States. As a result, a massive employment boom has taken place in India and China. White males—who used to be the middle class job-creation engine in the United States—are creating a new and vibrant middle class in Asia. If you look at any invention or creation, you will see a White male in it. One tenet of the Curley effect is that opposition moves out of the country. That is no longer necessary due to the Internet. You can create all of the jobs you want overseas and still stay in the United States. However, you always have the option of moving out and renouncing your U.S. citizenship.

White males are the only group who can legally be discriminated against in the United States. One liberal theory of why White males are successful is "White Male Privilege." If this is a valid theory, it does not explain how they can be so successful in creating jobs and a middle class in Asia.

Another factor that leads me to believe the Obama¬-Curley effect is in full force is how African Americans have voted in the election. The African American middle class is disappearing in the United States. Unemployment among African Americans was at 13.1 percent a couple of days before the election, and it was at 14.1 percent on the day of the election. African Americans voted as a block for Obama. This is not rational behavior. It can only be explained by the Curley effect.

Obama has gotten a pass from the American people because he is able to blame the economy on former U.S. President George W. Bush. The factor most people do not understand is that the deeper the recession, the stronger the recovery. This is the slowest recovery in history. The problem is Obama, if I am correct; the next four years will mean an even bigger disaster for the middle class.

The economy has reacted in textbook fashion to the Obama-Curley effect. I feel like a student who finds a theory and verifies it experimentally. My excitement stops short of glee. My excitement at how well it works is tempted by the human misery. Consider an increase in unemployment, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and the divorce rate of women who are thrown out of a 20-year marriage. Also, consider how welfare reliance is up, the demand for food stamps is up, and the number of people who are going on long-term disability is up. Obama has put forward a plan for the economy. What the administration does not know is that the Soviet Union had numerous five-year central plans that were massive disasters. One reason to study history is so that you can learn from past mistakes.

There is a secret about the federal civil service that most people do not know about. In the 1980s, the federal civil service used to require college graduates to pass basic eighth- grade math, reading, and writing tests in order to join the service. The government, however, did away with the tests because so many applicants who even had 16 years of schooling could not pass them.

As federal employees become dumbed–down, the government has to hire more consultants. Look at K Street in Washington D.C.: It is no wonder that the suburbs around D.C. are the most prosperous in the country.

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