"Cernaianu Manole Razvan" akka TinKode, the Romanian behind attacks against NASA, Oracle, the Pentagon, and U.S. Army, was sentenced this week to a two-year suspended sentence, according to local media reports and was ordered to pay damages totalling more than US$120,000.
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He was arrested in January for his part in a number of attacks. According to Cernianu's case file summary on the Romanian Ministry of Justice Web portal, he was sentenced on September 26 and received six prison sentences of one or two years for separate computer-related offenses.

The offenses included: gaining unauthorized access to a protected computer system; transferring data from a computer system without authorization; affecting the normal operation of a computer system by deleting, modifying or sending electronic data; creating, selling or distributing a devices or a computer program designed to be used in computer crimes; creating, selling or distributing a password or access code without authorization that could be used to access a computer system with the intention of committing a computer crime.

Past victims have included website belonging to the British Royal Navy, MySQL.com (which ironically fell foul of a SQL injection attack) and NASA servers.

In some cases the hacker made efforts to notify the affected parties before publishing information about the security vulnerabilities he found, which earned him a spot in Google's Security Hall of Fame.

In other cases he engaged in full disclosure and even posted confidential information taken from the compromised servers on his blog.

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