UGNazi hackers attack on CloudFlare via a flaw in Google
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After the FBI arrested Cosmo, the alleged leader of the UGNazi hacking group, the hackers attacked CloudFlare via a flaw in Google's two-factor authentication system. The CloudFlare hack allowed UGNazi to change the DNS for 4chan, so visitors to the site were redirected to a UGNazis Twitter account.

Hackers were able to infiltrate the personal Gmail account of CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince. "The attack was the result a compromise of Google's account security procedures that allowed the hacker to eventually access to my email addresses, which runs on Google Apps," CloudFare's CEO Matthew Prince shared.

According to the statement on Pastebin, the hackers are not sorry for attacking 4chan. is the playground that allows pedophiles to share their "collections" and the disgusting bronies to hang out. The site is loosely monitored and child porn threads are allowed to "stay alive" for an exceedingly long amount of time.

Lastly, there was no political motive here, we will not tell lies and pretend that it was all to fight an injustice. This was for the lulz. This was for the fame. This was done because only we have the skill to do it. This was done, so that we can laugh at your butthurt. We did it because we can.

Prince said that no customer credit card details were exposed since those details never pass through its servers but go straight to a billing provider, and that it appears the attacker had not accessed its core database or seen additional client data.However, a claim was made on the Twitter account of UGNazi member Cosmo that UGNazi had "gained full access into Cloudflare's server and obtained the database", in a post flagging that 4Chan was redirected to the UGNazi Twitter account.

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