Orion Browser Dumper v1.0 released
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Jean-Pierre LESUEUR (DarkCoderSc) releases another Browser Forensic tool for Community called "Orion Browser Dumper v1.0".
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This software is an advanced local browser history extractor (dumper), in less than few seconds (like for Browser Forensic Tool) it will extract the whole history content of most famous web browser, Actually Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, COMODO Dragon, Rockmelt and Opera.

You can download the tool from Official Website of DarkCommet.

Video Demonstration:

Last week he also release "Browser Forensic Tool v2.0" - Its is also an advanced local browser history search engine, in less than few seconds it will extract the chosen keywords of most famous web browser, actually Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, RockMelt, Comodo Dragon and Opera.

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