Rootdabitch version 0.1 - Multithreaded Linux root password Bruteforcer
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r00tw0rm hacker "th3breacher!" release Rootdabitch v0.1 ,which is a Multithreaded Linux/UNIX tool to brute-force cracking local root through su using sucrack.


sucrack is a multithreaded Linux/UNIX tool for brute-force cracking local user accounts via su. The main feature of the Rootdabitch is that It's local brute forcer, using 10 passwords in 3 seconds. and works in background so you can leave it , when root is cracked it will email the user using /bin/mail .

All for this, you need to have a php shell/reverse shell/ssh access to the target to run thistool and run it as a normal user, Upload this script into it and give it the execution permission and execute the script like:

~ ./rootdabitch

If the password is cracked you will have a mail with the root password and the password will be stored into password.txt . Try it !

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