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Security Expert from Coresec explains the use of a Permanent Reverse TCP Backdoor "sbd-1.36" for IPhone and IPad developed by Michel Blomgren.


sbd is a Netcat-clone, designed to be portable and offer strong encryption. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and on Microsoft Win32. sbd features AES-128-CBC + HMAC-SHA1 encryption (by Christophe Devine), program execution (-e option), choosing source port, continuous reconnection with delay, and some other nice features. Only TCP/IP communication is supported.

Steps to pwn the Iphone:
1. Install packages iphone-gcc using "apt-get install iphone-gcc" & make "apt-get install make"
2. Download sbd backdoor to the device using Wget from here & Untar - "tar -zxvf sbd-1.36.tar.gz"
3.) Sbd configuration before the compilation, See details here.
4.) Compilation process - "make darwin"
5. Configuration to RunAtLoad using LaunchDaemons (for permanent access)
6. Gaining access to victim (from Linux box)

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