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Lebanese Government sites hacked by ‘Raise Your Voice’

Lebanese Government sites hacked by ‘Raise Your Voice

A group calling itself ‘Raise Your Voice’ hacked on Tuesday around 15 Lebanese government websites to ask for an improvement in living standards, the day the parliament launches a three-day session to assess the cabinet’s performance.

To our dear “beloved” Lebanese Government,We are RYV, short for Raise Your Voice, and we are simply a group of people who could not bare sitting in silence, watching all the crimes and injustice going on in Lebanon. We will not be silenced and brainwashed by your media. We will not stop until the Lebanese people mobilize, demand their rights, and earn them. We will not stop until the standards of living are raised to where they should be in Lebanon. We will not stop until this government’s self-made problems are solved, like the power shortage, water shortage, rise in gas prices and rise in food product prices. We are RYV, expect us to break the silence, whether in the streets or on the Internet. Silence is a crime.

Hacked Sites List:

Among the sites that were hacked are the National News Agency, the Presidency and the Energy, Water, Justice and Foreign Ministries.The hacking comes as the opposition is gearing up to grill the government for what it calls a bad performance and procrastination in the implementation of major decisions.

Only the Energy and Water Ministry websites had messages written on them that “Electricity is Cut” and “Water is Cut.” The group previously hacked several government sites in early March.

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