Anonymous Hackers target F1 website in Bahrain GP protest
The Hacker News

Anonymous a collective who have hacked or taken down websites for social comment purposes, have turned their attention to the official Formula 1 website, taking it offline on Friday.

The group also attacked where it posted a message saying the "Formula 1 racing authority was well-aware of the Human Rights situation in Bahrain and still chose to contribute to the regime's oppression of civilians and will be punished."

According to Statements:
"Anonymous has watched with growing alarm the incredible human rights abuses of the Bahrain regime, We have watched this tyrannical government tear gas it's own people literally to death, with over 30 fatalities so far. The occasion of Anonymous re-launching Operation Bahrain will be this despicable Grand Prix Formula One race to be held in Bahrain tomorrow through the 22nd of April."

"Beginning tomorrow, and lasting for the duration of this race - Anonymous will turn your web site [ ] into a smoking crater in cyber space. We will also jam your phone lines, bomb your E-Mail inboxes - and wreck anything else of yours we can find on the internet. You can god damn well expect us."

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