Teyana Taylor's Twitter Hacked, Nude image Leaked
The Hacker News

R&B singer Teyana Taylor was the latest victim of an Internet scandal when a nude photo of her hacked and spread around the Internet. The topless photo and other pictures claiming to be of the "Google Me" singer reportedly appeared online by way of her Yfrog account.

The embarrassing nude photo that is trending on Twitter shows someone who has similar features like Taylor, showing off her breasts and is seen wearing nothing but her underwear and a pair of socks.

The person's face in the picture is not shown and it hasn't been confirmed that it is in fact the rapper. But Twitter users believe that it us the rapper and has said that Taylor's phone was either stolen or she has uploaded the photo of herself.

Read her open letter below:
Look I'm human, & just like every girl in this world, I admire my body so i take pics just like EVERY other human being. However my phone that was stolen Witch my phone was also connected to my twitter. So i guess the hacker felt the need to have a field day and leaked personal photos, and also tweet mean & hurtful things about me. I ain't gone front It really hurt my feelings that someone would be so evil and mean. I would never leak photos like that of my self. I have so many blessings and opportunities ahead of me & I have way more class & respect for my self as a young woman. So there's no need to seek attention. But I sincerely apologize to all my supporters and followers who had to witness the devil at work, and at what he does best. Karma is a $&@# but I'll let God handle that. that's it that's all.

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