Tenable Release Nessus 5.0 vulnerability scanner
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Tenable Network Security announced Nessus 5.0 vulnerability and configuration assessment solution for enterprises and security professionals. Nessus version 5.0 introduces key features and improvements, separated into the four major phases of the vulnerability scanning process:

  • Installation and management (for enhanced usability) - Nessus 5.0 simplifies the installation and configuration for non-technical users. Configuration and management: Nessus v5.0 configuration and management is now done 100% through the GUI
  • Scan policy creation and design (for improved effectiveness) - Users now enjoy improved effectiveness when creating scan policies. Over two dozen new pre-built plugin filters make it easy for security and compliance professionals to simplify policy creation for laser-focused scans on the areas that matter most. Users can quickly select multiple filter criteria, such as, Vulnerability Publication Date, public vulnerability database ID (OSVDB, Bugtraq, CERT Advisory, and Secunia), Plugin type (local or remote), information assurance vulnerability alert (IAVA), and more, to quickly identify easily-exploitable vulnerabilities.Scan for all easily remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities for which there is an exploit published in your favorite exploit framework.
  • Scan execution (for improved efficiency) - Users can take advantage of real-time scan results, on-the-fly filtering and sorting, and streamlined results navigation. A new vulnerability summary and redesigned host summary make it easy to see risk level without even running a report. As the scan is being run, not only can you see the results as they are being gathered, but navigate and filter on them as well. This allows you to easily act upon the vulnerability data while the scan is happening.
  • Report customization and creation (for improved communication with all parts of the organization) - New reporting features allow for improved communication of vulnerability results with all parts of the organization:Results filtering and report creation: Results filtering and report creation is more flexible than ever before. Users can apply multiple result filtering criteria, and targeted reports can be generated against the filtered results. Reports can be generated in native Nessus formats, HTML, and now PDF formats, Multiple report templates can be combined into one report.
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