Metasploit Framework 4.2.0 : IPv6, VMware, and Tons of Modules!
The Hacker News

Since last release in October, Metasploit added 54 new exploits, 66 new auxiliary modules, 43 new post-exploitation modules, and 18 new payloads.

Metasploit 4.2 now ships with thirteen brand new payloads, all added to support opening command sessions and shells on IPv6 networks. In addition, Metasploit's existing arsenal of payloads has been updated to support IPv6 as well. With this release comes a pile of new modules targeting VMware vSphere/ESX SOAP interface, as well as a pair of new brute force modules to audit password strength for both vmauthd and Virtual Web Services.

Metasploit 4.2 now ships with fourteen new resource scripts, nearly all of which were provided by open source community contributors. These scripts demonstrate the power of Metasploit's extensible architecture, allowing programmatic Metasploit module usage through the powerful Ruby scripting language.

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