"Enter at your own Risk" Cyber Security Awareness Campaign
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Coming this January , For the First time in Cyber History the Best, The Brightest & the Most Daring Come Together For an Information Extravaganza that will blow your Cyber Mind ! It's a time for us to offer education that increases online security for everyone.
Cyber Security Awareness Campaign
The Hacker News & 5 Other Top IT Security Sites are Sponsoring a Special Edition January 2012 Magazine, That Features Articles & Commentaries on Cyber Security From :
4.) Korben
Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information on a wide variety of topics that address the tricky and complicated world of hackers and hacking. Cyber security is our Shared Responsibility. Everyone has the potential to make a difference and educate others. You can raise awareness within your community, no matter what your role is. We plan to provide useful information for our Readers who want to get educated by have a ready set of awareness tips.

The 2011 highlighted the importance of empowering citizens, businesses, government, and schools to improve their cyber security preparedness. In this digital age, we are all connected the actions of one can impact many. Thus, it is essential that each of us understand our important role in securing cyberspace. There's no doubt that the security of cyberspace is vitally important worldwide. We live in a wired world, but our reliance on these networks also makes us vulnerable

We need your help beginning this weekend and continuing through the month of January 2012. If you would like to submit an article, Please contact us and be sure to put something in the subject like "Article For - Enter at your own Risk" to make it easier for us to sort them.

Spread the word ! By sharing our free magazines with your family, friends, co-workers and other security experts, you're helping to promote awareness about global security issues.

You will not be Disappointed, You will not be Unamused, You will not be Left Stupid ! MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND REMEMBER...


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