Phishing Site hacked for teaching lesson to Scam Lovers
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Researchers at the security firm GFI Labs found an email used to lure people to a phishing site called "canal-i." The message attempts to scare unsuspecting readers by telling them they have exceeded the storage limit on their inbox, and says, "You will not be able to send or receive new mail until you upgrade your email. Click below link and fill the form to upgrade your account." When clicked, that link directs users to a Web page that asks for their username, email address and password.
The Hacker News
For one hacker he or she has not been identified this was not just an ordinary phishing scam, but also a chance to teach others. The white-hat hacker "white hat" refers to hackers who exploit security bugs to improve security stripped the phishing page of its malicious content and replaced it with a stern educational message about the perils lurking in the online world.

Hackers have created a fake tool especially designed to exploit the laziness of the most clueless and unskilled phishing fraudsters.The fake tool poses as a utility that scours the net for fraudulent sites and pilfers any login credentials that victims might have entered, making them available to crooks who had nothing to do with the original fake site. Tools of this type are called auto-whalers and are by no means unprecedented.

Well also, The original boxes are gone, replaced by the following message :"There is no such thing as a central email service update a stupid criminal created this to steal your email account I have modified it to educate you about online crime he does not like that but that is too damn bad you can submit this form to see a helpful video about phishing stop letting stupid criminals like this one hijack your account have a great day"

Advice from The Hacker News ,If you suspect such an email is out for your personal details OR Login credentials,Then delete it and use a good updated antivirus.

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