Launching Wireless Hacking Series for Fun and Profit
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THN is launching a Wireless Hacking series of blog posts where we will talk about a lot of tools and techniques. We hope this will be fun and informational for all of our readers.

The series will be based on the SecurityTube Wireless Security Expert (SWSE) course material. We spoke about it in previous blog posts and loved the course material, and also SecurityTube's spirit of providing the entire course material free and only charging if you are interested in getting certified.

As a responsible disclosure, we would like to inform you that we have subscribed to the SWSE course and certification. Once we registered we received the course slides and login to the student portal. This post is a short summary of the study path for the course. The student portal provides a structured path for learning:
The Hacker News

You can download the course slides, the full course material and watch the welcome video (embedded in the end).

Each lesson (based on the video) is organized into the Lesson video, Questions and Answers forum where you can clear your doubts, cheat sheets which summarize important commands in the lesson and finally home labs which you can try out after finishing the lesson. We just finished lesson 1-3 in the last couple of hours, and can vouch its really action packed

Our next article in this series will be on "Wireless Sniffing for Fun and Profit".
You can download the entire courseware free of charge here . Today is the last day to sign up for the certification at $200, it will be $250 thereafter , So Join Now. (Note : Fill "The Hacker News" - as Referrer while Registering for Course)

Below is a video from Vivek, the course creator and runs you through the student portal.

He has also authored the book – "Backtrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing" which we covered a while back in a competition. Amazon link and reviews.

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