Announcing Contest Winners for Ghost in the Wires Book
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We ran a competition for the book "Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick" last week. We'd like to thank the following people for sending in the best of the best of reviews about Kevin Mitnick's new book, "Ghosts in the Wires." All the reviews we received were great and the editorial staff had a tough time narrowing it down to 3 winners. We felt the winners captured just what we were looking for about a great book and great author. Congratulations winners and enjoy your copy of Kevin's book.

"Study the past if you would define the future." I think one of the most important things our pioneers can do is pass on knowledge to those who are just getting into the field. Kevin Mitnick has obviously played a huge roll in defining the industry. This sharing of knowledge and experience plays a huge roll in defining the future. Although Ghost in the Wires highlights just one aspect of the industry, it still represents a huge part of knowledge that one can learn from to be effective in the field.
What interests me most about this book is that Mr. Mitnick showed the world that the government is not as all powerful as they would like you to think. What the government did to him was also unforgivable. One man can make a difference, especially if they believe in the old saying "Knowledge is Power". Being a hacker is everything, it is what builds infastructure, what demands improvement, and it is also extremely fun to solve complex problems. I have read "The Art of Intrusion" and I can not wait to read "Ghost in the Wires". It will be nice to get an inside look at Mr. Mitnick's past exploits. It is sure to be truly inspiring!!!
Kevin Twopointzero
I think the fact that this book is directly from the man himself. It is as factual an account as we will ever get and you get an insight into what really motivates this legend, Kevin Mitnick. What motivated him, what discouraged him, and how he thinks. Anyone who is interested in hacking, security, technology, or has even heard of Kevin Mitnick should look for this book!

Winners Please Provide us your mailing address to THN staff ( for getting the Prize at home :)

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