Ani Shell v1.3 Released -- Mail Bomber (with less spam detection) & PHP Decoder
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Ani-Shell is a simple PHP shell with some unique features like Mass Mailer , A simple Web-Server Fuzzer , DDoser, Back Connect , Bind Shell etc etc ! This shell has immense capabilities and have been written with some coding standards in mind for better editing and customization.

1. Email Trace back is set to Off as default and emails will not be sent , If you are setting this feature on make sure you change the default email address ( to Your email address , Please Change it before using.

2. Username and Passwords are set to lionaneesh and lionaneesh respectively , Please change them for better

3. As a default Lock Mode is set to on! This should not be change unless you want your shell exposed.

Default Login
Username : lionaneesh
Password : lionaneesh


  • Shell
  • Platform Independent
  • Mass - Mailer
  • Small Web-Server Fuzzer
  • DDoser
  • Design
  • Secure Login
  • Deletion of Files
  • Bind Shell
  • Back Connect
  • Fixed Some Coding errors!
  • Rename Files
  • Encoded Title
  • Traceback (Email Alerts)
  • PHP Evaluate
  • Better Command Execution (even supports older version of PHP)
  • Mass Code Injector (Appender and Overwriter)
  • Lock Mode Customization

New in this version

  • Mail Bomber (With Less Spam detection feature)
  • PHP Decoder
  • Better Uploader
  • Fixed some Coding errors

Download Ani Shell v1.3

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