Lulzsec hack Infragard Atlanta Members Alliance & challenge FBI !
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Lulzsec yesterday hack Sony and Today they hack Infragard Atlanta Members Alliance , which having partnership with FBI .
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There is a Video Posted By Lulzsec on Their site after hack :

The message written by them :
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Not even This , 700 mb of Emails backup also hacked and leaked via Torrent. The Tut about how to open these mails also posted by Lulzsec :
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Twitter feed to taunt the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the wake of a major cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music.

LulzSec also said that it has received some funding from supporters who want to see it continue its work.
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Lulzsec other previous hacks are:
Sony Pictures hacked and Database Leaked
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Hacked
LulzSec Leak Sony's Japanese websites Database
LulzSec Hack & Leak pointless ATM information
X Factor Leaked Contestants Database

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