Firefox Version 5 release with fix of 5 remote code vulnerabilities
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Mozilla Delivers New Version of Firefox – First Web Browser to Support Do Not Track on Multiple Platforms

Mozilla delivered two things today: Firefox 5 for personal computers and Android phones, and the promise to complete the new browser just a few months after its predecessor.
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The V5 critical fixes are:
* MFSA 2011-26 Multiple WebGL crashes
* MFSA 2011-22 Integer overflow and arbitrary code execution in Array.reduceRight()
* MFSA 2011-21 Memory corruption due to multipart/x-mixed-replace images
* MFSA 2011-20 Use-after-free vulnerability when viewing XUL document with script disabled
* MFSA 2011-19 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:3.0/

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