Super Saturday : The Hacker News Featured Articles, If you miss Something !

Let's Re-collect all the Featured Recent Interesting Articles of THN, in this post. Hope you Guys will like every news By us. Please share the Links on your Facebook/ Re-tweet on Twitter and everywhere to spread the Cyber Awareness :)

  1. The Anonymous : Need of  21st century !
  2. 26 Underground Hacking Exploit Kits available for Download !
  3. [THN] The Hacker News Exclusive Report on Sony 3rd Attack Issue !
  4. Finally Source code of ZeuS Botnet Version: available for Download !
  5. Crimepack 3.1.3 Exploit kit Leaked, available for Download !
  6. You got owned, Exposure about privacy on facebook !
  7. Script that gives hackers access to user accounts floods Facebook
  8. Hacker getting WordPress Database Dump with Google Query !
  9. Pakistan Cyber Army got hacked by Indian Cyber Army (Indishell)
  10. Facebook Security Update, Protection from Untrustworthy Websites With Web Of Trust (WOT)
  11. New Facebook worm propagating : VERIFY MY ACCOUNT , Video Explanation of code !
  12. BackTrack 5 Released - Direct FTP Download Now !
  13. Anonymous IRC hacker, Ryan Cleary Exposed !
  14. Sony 3rd massive leak - 100 million users personal info hacked in Japan !
  15. Patch for Metasploit that will enhance db_autopwn such that you will be able to Hack ANYTHING !
  16. Samsung Data Management Server with Sql Injection Login Bypass vulnerability !
  17. Hackers release usernames, passwords of several affiliate employees !

Bonus : 'The Hacker News' Magazine 
Social Engineering Edition - Issue 02 - May,2011

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