Sniffjoke 0.4.1 - Anti-sniffing Framework & Tool For Session Scrambling
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SniffJoke is an application for Linux that handle transparently your TCP connection, delaying, modifying and injecting fake packets inside your transmission, make them almost impossible to be correctly read by a passive wiretapping technology (IDS or sniffer).

An Internet client running SniffJoke injects in the transmission flow some packets able to seriously disturb passive analysis like sniffing, interception and low level information theft. No server support is needed!

The internet protocols have been developed to allow two elements to communicate, not some third-parts to intercept their communication. This will happen, but the communication system has been not developed with this objective. SniffJoke uses the network protocol in a permitted way, exploiting the implicit difference of network stack present in an operating system respect the sniffers dissector.


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