was hacked with 0day exploit for MoveableType !
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Yesterday Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) was Hacked by Lulzsec, Users data & Database Leaked. Lulzsec hackers today expose that, how exactly they hack all these database, site and Server.

They Use 0day exploit for MoveableType, Using the vulnerability they uploaded php shell on ftp and Then root the server using localroot exploit for kernel 27 2.4.21-37.ELsmp 2005 i686 .

Kevin Mitnick (World top hacker) says : "Yeah, they claim it's a bug in mt4... but I doubt they would reveal the vector until much later."

The /etc/passwd file of server is as shown below:
The Hacker News
They use Havij 1.14 Pro - Sql injection tool, just to make hack faster and extract whole database.

On Tuesday, LulzSec tweeted on their twitter profile & included messages directed to both Manning and Wikileaks."@WikiLeaks We hope our hacking gave Bradley Manning a smile. That man deserves something nice,"

and "@WikiLeaks Glad you liked our Tupac story. You keep [expletive] [expletive] up and so will we."

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