Bahrain calling Freedom and Democracy !
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THN received an Email last night, The mail was from one of the Citizens of Bahrain.. Here is the email we received is as following :

You say you are helping people good, people of bahrain need your help

All what we want is attacking government websites By Anonymous group or any one To expose their crimes,and to expose Revealed lists of intelligence and mercenary of them, revealing lists of arrests two months ago Specifically February 14, at least 70% of the population of this country are demonstrating to demand democracy,but Were brutally suppressed by the local army and occupation forces from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates,The called GCC Killed 30 citizens By a live bullets, 4 of them died in the prison Because of torture

Political figures were arrested in addition to at least 2000 detainees from citizens,Arrested at least 100 women,Arrest medical staff of doctors, paramedics and nurses,Arrests of journalists,writers, poets, students, lawyers, jurists, merchants,businessmen, human rights advocates, etc.

People were laid off from jobs arbitrarily,schools and universities raid Students dismissed from ,Destruction of property of people,Infringement on the role of worship,Infringement on the people at checkpoints.

In short it is a collective punishment to all those involved in the protests,What is the reason of all this repression and brutality?,Because of we need the election of the Government by the people As happened in Tunisia and Egypt.

All this is happening with the blessing of the Government of the United States and Britain, why give them cover to do all this?, Because the world is dirty America's silent because of the presence of the Fifth Fleet of the U.S. base in this country, in addition to oil and gas it is more important in their view of humanity.

Take a look of a simple for the actions of the government in this country
Martyr Ahmed Farhan 3parts vid (Scene of violent)

Coverage of some news agencies and international organizations for
human rights, etc.

Bahraini's take torture evidence to UN

Physicians Urge Obama to Pressure Mideast Ally Bahrain to End
Repression of Doctors, Patients

Bahrain's rulers cast net for loyalty oaths online

Human Rights Watch consultant, Joshua Colangelo, barred entry into
Bahrain (AUDIO)

The FDFA is deeply concerned about the death sentences pronounced in Bahrain

Toby Jones: Oil Wealth, U.S. Backing Enables Saudi Arabia to Crush
Dissent in Bahrain and at Home

Bahrain May 5, 2011 | Overseas Press Club of America

Democracy Now
Physicians Urge Obama Admin to Pressure Mideast Ally Bahrain to End
Repression of Doctors

UN urges Bahrain to free detained activists

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Bahrain: Arbitrary Arrests Escalate

U.S. labor urges trade pact with Bahrain be suspended

Bahraini Royal Family accused of war crimes at The Hague's
International Criminal Court

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detention | Amnesty International

Bahrain: Silence surrounding repression continues - FIDH - Human Rights for All

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IFEX defends member BCHR in light of free expression abuses

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UN rights chief slams Bahrain military trials - Legal - Zawya

ANALYSIS-Bahrain media play role in tension after protests - AlertNet

Bahrain, Kingdom of Silence

Medical Professionals Are Again Targeted with Arrest of President of
Bahrain Medical Society and Charges Against 47 Others For Treating
Injured Protesters

Bahrain renews emergency law as repression persists | Amnesty International

Arbitrary arrest and detention of human rights lawyer Mr Mohammed
Al-Tajir in Manama, Bahrain

BAHRAIN: Medical staff face prosecution, alleged torture after aiding
anti-government protesters

May day message from workers in Bahrain

Bahraini Protests On Life Support | The Public Record

Bahrain urged to halt execution of protesters Amnesty International

Bahrain: royals will be put in the dock

Bahrain to Put Medical Staff on Trial

UN Monitors the Deteriorating Humanitarian Situation in Bahrain.

Journalists in Bahrain: The Murder of Free Speech and the Siege of Freedom

Bahrain king is press 'predator': RSF,40139.html

Bahrain arrests opposition politicians

Bahrain: Set Aside Martial Law Death Sentences | Human Rights Watch

Relatives fearful over Bahrian trials

[VIDEO] 'Bahrain rights situation frightening' | Press TV Mobile

U.S. Must Maintain a Consistent Support for Human Rights in the Middle
East | Human Rights First

ISO takes out rally to support Bahraini people

The west's silence over Bahrain smacks of double standards

Bahrain: Four protesters sentenced to death by firing squad

Bahraini trainee pilots suspended from UK flying school after attending protests

Attacks on physicians in Bahrain

Inconsistencies in Televised Confession of Bahraini Protesters Who
Were Sentenced to Death

Bahrain 'torture service' official to attend royal wedding

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bahrain's king ignores human rights abuses

Why Bahrain is Trying Civilians Before a Military Court,8599,2067895,00.html?xid=fbshare

In Bahrain, hundreds remain in detention after crackdown on
pro-democracy demonstrations

Bahraini medical centres and schools 'raided'

Britains Royal Wedding Fiasco and its "Dirty little Secret" in Bahrain


Bahrain in the shadow of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States

Furore over royal wedding guest list

US Stays Silent as Bahraini Human Rights Defenders are Targeted |
Human Rights First

CNN - Bahrain security forces torture doctors, medics and patients

CNN report about Bahrain

CNN report 2 about Bahrain

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American point of view in what is happening in Bahrain

There are more

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