Sqlmap v.0.9 - automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool !

sqlmap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers. It comes with a kick-ass detection engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration tester and a broad range of switches lasting from database fingerprinting, over data fetching from the database, to accessing the underlying file system and executing commands on the operating system via out-of-band connections.

Change Log :

  • * Rewritten SQL injection detection engine (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Support to directly connect to the database without passing via a
  • SQL injection, -d switch (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Added full support for both time-based blind SQL injection and
  • error-based SQL injection techniques (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Implemented support for SQLite 2 and 3 (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Implemented support for Firebird (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Implemented support for Microsoft Access, Sybase and SAP MaxDB
  • (Miroslav).
  • * Extended old '--dump -C' functionality to be able to search for
  • specific database(s), table(s) and column(s), --search switch
  • (Bernardo).
  • * Added support to tamper injection data with --tamper switch (Bernardo
  • and Miroslav).
  • * Added automatic recognition of password hashes format and support to
  • crack them with a dictionary-based attack (Miroslav).
  • * Added support to enumerate roles on Oracle, --roles switch (Bernardo).
  • * Added support for SOAP based web services requests (Bernardo).
  • * Added support to fetch unicode data (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Added support to use persistent HTTP(s) connection for speed
  • improvement, --keep-alive switch (Miroslav).
  • * Implemented several optimization switches to speed up the exploitation
  • of SQL injections (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Support to test and inject against HTTP Referer header (Miroslav).
  • * Implemented HTTP(s) proxy authentication support, --proxy-cred switch
  • (Miroslav).
  • * Implemented feature to speedup the enumeration of table names
  • (Miroslav).
  • * Support for customizable HTTP(s) redirections (Bernardo).
  • * Support to replicate the back-end DBMS tables structure and entries
  • in a local SQLite 3 database, --replicate switch (Miroslav).
  • * Support to parse and test forms on target url, --forms switch
  • (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Added switches to brute-force tables names and columns names with a
  • dictionary attack, --common-tables and --common-columns. Useful for
  • instance when system table 'information_schema' is not available on
  • MySQL (Miroslav).
  • * Basic support for REST-style URL parameters by using the asterisk (*)
  • to mark where to test for and exploit SQL injection (Miroslav).
  • * Added safe URL feature, --safe-url and --safe-freq (Miroslav).
  • * Added --text-only switch to strip from the HTTP response body the
  • HTML/JS code and compare pages based only on their textual content
  • (Miroslav).
  • * Implemented few other features and switches (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Over 100 bugs fixed (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * Major code refactoring (Bernardo and Miroslav).
  • * User's manual updated (Bernardo).

Download : https://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlmap/files/
Video demo : https://www.youtube.com/inquisb#g/u

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