In the videos below, Joel Langill deconstructs each part of the worm to show it in action. In the second video you'll see the best practices that InfoSec Institute uses (we have a training course dedicated to SCADA control systems which includes a robust Stuxnet lab) to mitigate this type of infection and security breach.
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Part 1: Introduction, Installation, and Injection

Part 2: Mitigation & Prevention

The Stuxnet worm has generated a lot of media attention and coverage for some of it's features as well as targets. The complexity not normal for malware that we've witnessed, and consists of attacks against three different systems:

  • Windows Infection
  • Step7 Infection
  • PLC Infection

If you'd like to know more about Stuxnet & SCADA security, attend our SCADA Security Boot Camp. Leave a comment below if you have a specific instruction or ideas of what you'd like to learn in any follow-up or explanations of this video.

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