Security Onion LiveDVD - Intrusion Detection for your Network !
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The Security Onion LiveDVD is a bootable DVD that contains software used for installing, configuring, and testing Intrusion Detection Systems.


  • All Xubuntu 10.04 updates as of release date.
  • Snort updated to
  • Suricata updated to 1.1beta1.
  • Barnyard2 updated to 1.9 Stable.
  • Vortex updated to 2.9.0.
  • Installed OSSEC for host-based intrusion detection.
  • Installed Squert web interface for Sguil.
  • Installed Armitage GUI interface for Metasploit.
  • Many improvements to Setup script for user-friendliness and capability

Download Security Onion LiveDVD & Presentation

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