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#OperationBuckstorm Started By Anonymous Hackers !

#OperationBuckstorm Started By Anonymous Hackers !

Inspired by #OperationPaperstorm.

How to make an AnonDollar:

1. Edit George’s face on a dollar bill by adding a mask. Clear sticker printer paper works extra awesome for this, or printerpaper/glue. Or you can just draw black bars on George or give him another new face.

2. Write your favorite Anonymous website

(ie,, or slogan on the bill margins. Write tiny, and on the borders of the bill. This leaves them intact as legal tender and is very important.

3. You now have an AnonDollar!

4. Spend/tip with/donate/leave on the street!

Protips: wear gloves, only spend one at a time, do not

damage currency in any way, if asked you either found

it on the street or got it as change (where was that?),


We are Anonymous.

Expect us.

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