Operation Italy Press Release : Anonymous Hackers will Soon strike again !

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Operation Italy part2 - Target: Surprise : Join #opitaly the 13/02/2011 at 12 GMT PM

Attention Please: citizens of the world Anonymous will soon strike again. We are determined to continue our protest. Anonymous represent the voice of the people,and that voice has clearly spoken against the current Italian government. Italian people deserve something better than faggot Berlusconi and his political class. The ruling political party in Italy stand against everything that Anonymous consider worthwhile freedom of expression,freedom of press,and a freely accessible and uncensored internet being only some of those universally granted rights. We also request the removal of the ban against thepiratebay.org and the deletion of the infamous Bondi/SIAE tax on digital storage. ,We are not willing to set deadlines for our protest;it will endure until all our requests are met by the Italian Government,without exceptions. It's despicable that the Italian gov is trying to prevent his citizens from benefiting from the free-flow of information that internet should give to everyone. Berlusconi is constantly changing and making new laws as much as he like just to protect himself and his business while gives no care at all to his citizens. Girls all over the world are demonstrating against his personal behavior. (Fucking Underage girls for money).

The Italian citizens and the whole world are not amused by the patetic attempt by the gov to maintain the grip on power, we are NOT terrorists,we do not like or endorse violence,we do not seek to overthrown any political institution.

We simply request OUR rights. One of them is : being led and ruled by a PM whom only interest is serving his citizens.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive injustice
We do notforget freedom

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