Just Now Anonymous Hackers Release a Press Note For citizens of Iran Given Below :-
The Hacker News

O most respectable and honorable citizens of Iran - the cradle of civilization,

You express yourself, and we're listening.

We have not forgotten.

Protestants who were imprisoned, beaten, to bloggers who have been censored, citizens who were executed for criticizing the regime, you are truly loyal citizens of your country.

A new dawn appears to you and your country will be free from the chains of oppression, tyranny and torture. You can finally exhale and take a new breath of air that will fill you with strength, wisdom and freedom.

Anonymous supports you and accompany you on this path of liberation of body and mind of all Iranian citizens.

You, we are Anonymous, and do not fear the repressive regimes.
They know us, but we can not stop.
They fear us, and remain helpless to what will be unleashed against them.

Many of them are afraid of you, that's why for so long, they enslave you.
It is now time for you to forge your own future.

The Iranian government has deliberately confused "opposition" and "disloyalty".
Unjust repressions were perpetrated against those criticizing the actions of those in power, hoping to frighten the others. This government must be held responsible for crimes against you, its citizens.

People of Iran, you can not deny freedom of speech and the press.
Your right to freedom of assembly, demonstration and opposition.
To have access to uncensored information and unlimited access to the internet.
Your right to a life without fear or oppression.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion
We do not forget,
We do not forgive,
Expect us.

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