Anonymous Response to Egyptian President Mubarak's Second Speech !
The Hacker News

Mr. Mubarak
Billions of people around the world have naively held their hopes high only to watch in dismay while one single stubborn man once again highjacked the lives of millions.-
The blood of the fallen in the struggle for freedom will not be crushed by your blind disregard for those clamouring for you to relinquish your desperate hold on power. Your abuses must end, now, and with them your pathetically transparent attempt to retain control through your henchmen, professional torturer, Mr Suleiman.-
Your fractured, failed, despotic regime cannot be tolerated a minute longer. The people have spoken, in their millions. Your refusal to acknlowledge this fact and depart with dignity has shown us your delusion . You are aware of this, and so are we.-
The Egyptian people are an inspiration for all living under a dictatorship. They will no longer stand by and listen to you speak on their behalf. They will be the ones to determine their future. They will not give up, and they will attain their freedom.-
Today we are all Egyptians. You will not disrupt our resolution.We will not faulter.-
We do not forget.-
We are legion.-
We are Anonymous.-
Expect us.-

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