Hey Hackers, Get Ready For BackTrack 5 in February 2011 !
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Exciting times here at Offensive Security. This week two prominent security communities are launching some monster news.We'll start with BackTrack. The open source community has been the heart and soul behind its growth from a personal side project to over 5 million downloads. As times go on it gets harder to devote the time and effort needed to maintain, update and enhance BackTrack. That is no longer a problem as a funded team is now arranged to ensure those things get done. We now have a roadmap that lands you at the end with the release of BackTrack 5.

On to the Exploit Database. In the past couple of months we've been putting a significant amount of effort in improving the database and adding new features. Today we begin a new initiative within the Exploit database – a new EDB Research and Development team. The team is actively working on vulnerability discovery and development, and will post interesting findings as times goes on. Keep your eyes open on our Blog.
What does all this mean for the future of information security? From now on the world's leading penetration testing distribution and the world's #1 resource for Exploit Release are being backed by the world's number one information security training provider. Combining those three aspects together will make this one exciting ride. Hold on and stay tuned for more.

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