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Multiple Critical Remotely Exploitable Flaws Discovered in Memcached Caching System

Multiple Critical Remotely Exploitable Flaws Discovered in Memcached Caching System

Nov 02, 2016
Hey Webmasters, are you using Memcached to boost the performance of your website? Beware! It might be vulnerable to remote hackers. Three critical Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities have been reported in Memcached by security researcher Aleksandar Nikolich at Cisco Talos Group that expose major websites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, to hackers. Memcached is a fabulous piece of open-source distributed caching system that allows objects to be stored in memory. It has been designed to speed up dynamic web applications by reducing stress on the database that helps administrators to increase performance and scale web applications. Memcached is widely used by thousands upon thousands of websites, including popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Github, and many more. Nikolich says that he discovered multiple integer overflow bugs in Memcached that could be exploited to remotely run arbitrary code on the targeted s
Google to Speed Up Chrome for Fast Internet Browsing

Google to Speed Up Chrome for Fast Internet Browsing

Jan 22, 2016
Google is planning to make Chrome faster in order to provide its users fast Internet browsing experience. Thanks to a new, open-source data and web compression algorithm for the Internet called Brotli , which Google announced last year to boost its web page performance. With Brotli, Google will speed up Chrome and users could get a significant performance boost in coming months. Google introduced Brotli last September and claimed that the new algorithm is a "whole new data format" that could reduce file sizes by up to 26 percent higher than Zopfli , the company's three-year-old web compression technology. Net result – Fast Internet Browsing In a post on Google+ on Tuesday, web performance engineer at Google Ilya Grigorik announced that the new algorithm is coming to Chrome soon, which will change the way files are compressed, improving loading speeds by a quarter. Besides faster loading speeds, Brotli also have additional benefits for smartphone users, which
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Optimize Web Pages Using "Data Saver Chrome Extension" to Save Bandwidth

Optimize Web Pages Using "Data Saver Chrome Extension" to Save Bandwidth

Mar 27, 2015
Google want to save its users' bandwidth at home. The company has released a " Data Saver extension for Chrome , " bringing its data compression feature for its desktop users for the first time. While tethering to a mobile Hotspot for Internet connection for your laptop, this new Data Saver extension for Chrome helps you reduce bandwidth usage by compressing the pages you visit over the Internet. If you are unaware of it, the data compression proxy service by Google is designed to save users' bandwidth, load pages faster, and increase security (by checking for malicious web pages) on your smartphones and tablets. REDUCE AS MUCH AS 50% OF DATA USAGE  Until now, the data compression service has been meant to benefit only mobile users, but the latest Data Saver Chrome Extension aims at helping desktop users by reducing their data usage by as much as 50 percent. " Reduces data usage [bandwidth] by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit,
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