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GitHub Again Hit by DDoS Cyberattack

GitHub Again Hit by DDoS Cyberattack

Aug 26, 2015
Github – the popular code sharing website used by programmers to collaborate on software development – again became a victim of a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Tuesday morning. The attack came just a few months after the popular code repository website GitHub suffered a massive DDoS attack, which was linked to China. Also Read: China Using A Powerful 'Great Cannon' Weapon to Censor The Internet The company was made aware of the issue early on Tuesday. After investigating the problem, the team discovered that the service was under a new DDoS attack. The code repository disclosed the new attack on its status page as well as its official Twitter account. "The connectivity problems have been identified as a DDoS attack. We're working to mitigate now," GitHub status log read early on Tuesday. The March DDoS attack against GitHub lasted close to a week . At the time, the attackers used malicious JavaScript to hijack Internet
China Using A Powerful 'Great Cannon' Weapon to Censor The Internet

China Using A Powerful 'Great Cannon' Weapon to Censor The Internet

Apr 11, 2015
China has something very impressive that we are not aware of. The country has a powerful and previously unknown weapon that its government is using to bolster their cyber attack capabilities: Dubbed " The Great Cannon. " INTERNET CENSORSHIP IN CHINA When I talk about Internet censorship, it is incomplete if I don't mention China. China is famous for its Great Wall of China and Great Firewall of China . The censoring of Internet access and blocking an individual website in China by its government, known as the Great Firewall of China. But, why the Chinese government does that? The answer is very simple: The Chinese government restricts those contents it deems sensitive for its country's so-called democracy. It illegalize certain online speech and activities, block selected websites, and filter keywords out of searches initiated from computers located in Mainland China. The worse: Those Chinese citizens who offend authorities against Int
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