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Critical Flaws in 'OXID eShop' Software Expose eCommerce Sites to Hacking

Critical Flaws in 'OXID eShop' Software Expose eCommerce Sites to Hacking

Jul 30, 2019
If your e-commerce website runs on the OXID eShop platform , you need to update it immediately to prevent your site from becoming compromised. Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a pair of critical vulnerabilities in OXID eShop e-commerce software that could allow unauthenticated attackers to take full control over vulnerable eCommerce websites remotely in less than a few seconds. OXID eShop is one of the leading German e-commerce shop software solutions whose enterprise edition is being used by industry leaders including Mercedes, BitBurger, and Edeka. Security researchers at RIPS Technologies GmbH shared their latest findings with The Hacker News, detailing about two critical security vulnerabilities that affect recent versions of Enterprise, Professional, and Community Editions of OXID eShop software. It should be noted that absolutely no interaction between the attacker and the victim is necessary to execute both vulnerabilities, and the flaws work against the def
Katyusha Scanner — Telegram-based Fully Automated SQL Injection Tool

Katyusha Scanner — Telegram-based Fully Automated SQL Injection Tool

Jul 12, 2017
A new powerful hacking tool recently introduced in an underground forum is making rounds these days, allowing anyone to rapidly conduct website scans for SQL injection flaws on a massive scale — all controlled from a smartphone using the Telegram messaging application. Dubbed Katyusha Scanner , the fully automated powerful SQLi vulnerability scanner was first surfaced in April this year when a Russian-speaking individual published it on a popular hacking forum. Researchers at Recorded Future's Insikt Group threat intelligence division found this tool for sale on an underground hacking forum for just $500. Users can even rent the Katyusha Scanner tool for $200. According to the researchers, Katyusha Scanner is a web-based tool that's a combination of Arachni Scanner and a basic SQL Injection exploitation tool that allows users to automatically identify SQLi vulnerable sites and then exploits it to take over its databases. Arachni is an open source vulnerability scann
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