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Windows 10 Remotely Disables Pirated Games and illegal Hardware

Windows 10 Remotely Disables Pirated Games and illegal Hardware

August 18, 2015Swati Khandelwal
If you are one of those 70 Million users who have upgraded their systems to the newest Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft could be scanning your PC for pirated games and unauthorized hardware . Almost three weeks have passed after the worldwide launch of Windows 10, Millions of users have upgraded their systems to the Microsoft's latest operating system.  However, we have seen many privacy concerns around the new OS, including: Turned ON bandwidth sharing to distribute updates to other Windows 10 users Default settings sending users' data to Microsoft servers Wi-Fi password sharing feature i.e. Windows Wi-Fi Sense enabled Forcing Automatic software updates for Windows 10 Also Read: How to Fix 35+ Windows 10 Privacy Issues With Just One Click Unlike at first glance, these changes made by Microsoft in its new Free Windows upgrade do not actually felt free to its users due to a lack of transparency from the company about the reality of the new
90% of pirated games are infected with Malware

90% of pirated games are infected with Malware

April 15, 2013Wang Wei
If you've ever been tempted to download a 'hack' for your favorite game to accelerate your progress, or to download a pirated copy of the latest title through a torrent or file-sharing site, watch out ! Anti-virus company AVG has today warns that over 90% of hacked or cracked games downloaded via torrent or file-sharing sites are infected with malware or malicious code. It claimed that a lot of these hacks didn't just contain malware, but were simply malware programs in disguise. " Even if we assume that just 0.1% of the gamer playing the top five titles go looking for a hack - a highly conservative estimate - that means 330,000 people are potentially at risk of falling victim to game hack malware, " said AVG. The prevalence of cracked games, key generators, patches, cheats and more indicates that this is a highly organised, crime based, initiative. " This could lead to the loss of any legitimate, paid-for gaming assets, as well as sensitive persona
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