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Mouabad Android Malware calling to Premium numbers; Generating revenue for its Master

Mouabad Android Malware calling to Premium numbers; Generating revenue for its Master

December 11, 2013Mohit Kumar
Android platform is a primary target for malware attacks from few years and during 2013, more than 79% of mobile operating malware threats are taking place on Android OS. I have been working on Android Malware architectures since last two years and created 100's of sample of most sophisticated malware for demo purpose. Till now we have seen the majority of Android malware apps that earn money for their creators by sending SMS messages to premium rate numbers from infected devices. Security researchers at Lookout identified an interesting monetized Android Malware labeled as ' Mouabad ', that allow a remote attacker to make phone calls to premium-rate numbers without user interaction from C&C servers by sending commands to the malware. The technique is not new, but infection from such app notified first time in the wild. The variant dubbed MouaBad . p. , is particularly sneaky and to avoid detection it waits to make its calls until a period of time after the scree
Beware of Fake Android Antivirus and Mobile Ransomware

Beware of Fake Android Antivirus and Mobile Ransomware

July 14, 2013Wang Wei
" Ransomware " may be a term you haven't heard before. This type of criminal malware, which spread around the world on PCs in 2012, encrypts some or all the files on a computer and holds them for ransom and  Cyber thieves have already made millions through such methods. Ransomware is no longer all about computers. It has evolved to now target mobile devices, specifically Androids platform. For a hacker, a pop up message is just one more way to steal money by sending fake alerts and serious warnings that scare a user into making a payment. For example, in the case of PCs, we have encountered malware that encrypts crucial data on a user's hard disk, asking the victim to pay a sum to the attacker in order to recover his/her data. Last year in November at many Hacking Conferences, Security Researcher Mohit Kumar ( @Unix_Root ) already demonstrated one the most sophisticated android malware called " Android Malware Engine ", one of its kind yet
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