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Raspberry Pi 3 — New $35 MicroComputer with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Raspberry Pi 3 — New $35 MicroComputer with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

February 29, 2016Swati Khandelwal
While celebrating its computer's fourth birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a brand new Raspberry Pi today. Great news for all Micro-computing fans – A new, powerful Raspberry Pi 3 Model B in town. Months after introducing just $5 Raspberry Pi Zero , Raspberry Pi Foundation has introduced its third major version of the Raspberry Pi, the successor of the Raspberry Pi 2 that was launched back in February last year. The Raspberry Pi is a highly simple computer that looks and feels very basic, but could be built into a number of geeky projects. Due to its low-cost appeal, the Raspberry Pi has become the most popular computer yet with 8 Million units already sold. Raspberry Pi 3 — Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Although previous versions of Raspberry Pi needed USB adapters to get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, credit card-sized Raspberry Pi 3 Model B has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The new version of the Pi supports 802.11n
The World's First $9 Computer is Shipping Today!

The World's First $9 Computer is Shipping Today!

September 26, 2015Khyati Jain
Remember Project: C.H.I.P. ? A $9 Linux-based, super-cheap computer that raised some $2 Million beyond a pledge goal of just $50,000 on Kickstarter will be soon in your pockets. Four months ago, Dave Rauchwerk , CEO of Next Thing Co., utilized the global crowd-funding corporation ' Kickstarter ' for backing his project C.H.I.P., a fully functioning computer that offers more than what you could expect for just $9. C.H.I.P. stands for " Computer Hardware in Products. " At first, the project was looking like a never ending project but here's something exciting — The $9 CHIP computer is shipping. Yes, Rauchwerk says that the first run of devices is beginning to be distributed to early backers within 7-9 days. Rauchwerk said, " If you backed the [CHIP] project at the Kernel Hacker Backer level on Kickstarter, you'll receive two CHIP computers — the second by mid-October. " Specifications and Capabilities: CHIP packages: 1
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