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This Flaw Could Have Allowed Hackers to Hack Any Instagram Account Within 10 Minutes

This Flaw Could Have Allowed Hackers to Hack Any Instagram Account Within 10 Minutes

Jul 15, 2019
Watch out! Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has recently patched a critical vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to compromise any Instagram account without requiring any interaction from the targeted users. Instagram is growing quickly—and with the most popular social media network in the world after Facebook, the photo-sharing network absolutely dominates when it comes to user engagement and interactions. Despite having advanced security mechanisms in place, bigger platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram are not completely immune to hackers and contain severe vulnerabilities. Some vulnerabilities have recently been patched , some are still under the process of being fixed, and many others most likely do exist, but haven't been found just yet. Details of one such critical vulnerability in Instagram surfaced today on the Internet that could have allowed a remote attacker to reset the password for any Instagram account and take complete contr
Instagram Suffers Data Breach! Hacker Stole Contact Info of High-Profile Users

Instagram Suffers Data Breach! Hacker Stole Contact Info of High-Profile Users

Aug 31, 2017
Instagram has recently suffered a possibly serious data breach with hackers gaining access to the phone numbers and email addresses for many "high-profile" users. The 700 million-user-strong, Facebook-owned photo sharing service has currently notified all of its verified users that an unknown hacker has accessed some of their profile data, including email addresses and phone numbers, using a bug in Instagram. The flaw actually resides in Instagram's application programming interface (API), which the service uses to communicate with other apps. Although the company did not reveal any details about the Instagram's API flaw, it assured its users that the bug has now been patched and its security team is further investigating the incident. "We recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users' contact information—specifically email address and phone number—by exploiting a bug in an Instagr
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Who Viewed Your Profile on Instagram? Obviously, Hackers!

Who Viewed Your Profile on Instagram? Obviously, Hackers!

Mar 22, 2016
Are you curious about who viewed your profile on Instagram? This is probably the most frequently asked question nowadays, and there are several applications available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which claims to offer you the opportunity to see who is looking at your Instagram profile. But, should we believe them? Is there really some kind of way out to know who viewed your Instagram profile? The shortest answer to all these questions is ' NO ', such functionality does not exist on Instagram at the moment. But, thousands of users still have hope and hackers are taking advantage of this to target a broad audience. Recently, security researchers have discovered some malicious applications on Android Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store, which are entirely a hoax, targeting Instagram users. The iOS app is named " InstaCare - Who cares with me? " and is one of the top apps in Germany, while the Android app is dubbed "
Instagram Patches flaw that Makes Private Photos Visible

Instagram Patches flaw that Makes Private Photos Visible

Jan 14, 2015
Your Instagram is not as Private as You Think. Millions of private Instagram photos may have been exposed publicly on the web until the company patched a privacy hole this weekend. Instagram team was unaware of a security vulnerability from long time which allowed anyone with access to an image's URL to view the photo, even those shared by users whose accounts are set to "private." In other words, If a private user shares an Instagram post with another service, such as Twitter or Facebook as part of the upload process, that shared photo will remain viewable to the public despite its privacy settings. The flaw was first reported by  David Yanofsky  at Quartz and Instagram acknowledged the issue last week before patching the flaw. In a statement to Quartz, an Instagram representative said: ' If you choose to share a specific piece of content from your account publicly, that link remains public but the account itself is still private, ' The Instagram vulnera
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