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New Skill Testing Platform For 6 Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Jobs

New Skill Testing Platform For 6 Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Jobs

Jun 03, 2020
Building a security team is a necessity for organizations of all industries and sizes. It makes selecting the right person for the job a critical task in which testing candidates' domain knowledge is a core component of the hiring process. A common practice is for each organization to put together a dedicated set of questions for each role. Today, Cynet launches the Cybersecurity Skill Tests website to optimize the hiring process with an automated online questionnaire form for each such position. Cynet has assembled a vast question pool with hundreds of dedicated questions for the 6 leading cybersecurity positions (see below), covering all aspects of each selected role. A selection algorithm is used to generate a set of 25 questions in increasing difficulty level, which touches all the important knowledge areas of each candidate's position. No two questionnaires are the same to ensure the answers' reliability. How does this work in practice? Following the
Download: The 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey Results

Download: The 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey Results

Dec 10, 2019
The 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey was an online survey published in The Hacker News and created to provide insight into the details related to cybersecurity compensation. There were over 1,500 security professionals who completed the survey. Today you can access the aggregated and analyzed 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey Results and gain insight to the main ranges and factors of current cybersecurity salaries. The received data enabled the conductors of the survey to form a detailed salary profile for five security positions: Security Analyst/Threat Intelligence Specialist, Security/Cloud Security Architect, Penetration Tester and Security Director/Manager. This profile includes both the range and composition of salaries for these positions, as well as the relative impacts of organizational (geolocation, industry, etc.) and individual (gender, experience, certification) factors. Using the survey results ( download here ), any individual can go to the section relevant for
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