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Warning — You Can't Install Linux On Microsoft Signature Edition PCs from Lenovo

Warning — You Can't Install Linux On Microsoft Signature Edition PCs from Lenovo

Sep 21, 2016
In past few months, Microsoft opened the source code of a lot of its projects, convincing people that the company loves Linux . But a new report shows that Microsoft is not really a big supporter of Linux. Microsoft has banned Linux on some Windows 10 powered Signature Edition PCs, which provides the cleanest Windows experience on the market. Signature Edition PCs are different from other systems because it is carefully and meticulously configured by Microsoft to run Windows 10 with no bloatware, paid promotional web shortcuts, or other pre-installed apps, for providing better performance. But besides bloatware and other pre-installed apps, Microsoft won't allow you to install Linux (or any operating system) on it. This news is not a rumor as a Reddit user BaronHK reported that he found it impossible to install Linux on the Signature Edition Lenovo Yoga 900 ISK2 UltraBook because Microsoft has locked the SSD in a proprietary RAID mode that can only be read by Window
How to run Graphical Ubuntu Linux from Bash Shell in Windows 10

How to run Graphical Ubuntu Linux from Bash Shell in Windows 10

Jul 12, 2016
You might be aware of Microsoft and Canonical's partnership to integrate " Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 ," which is typically a non-graphical Ubuntu running over Windows Subsystem for Linux . Windows 10 doesn't officially support graphical Linux desktop applications. But, now we have noticed a very interesting ticket titled "Run Any Desktop Environment in WSL" raised at Github  repository, in which a user who goes by name Guerra24 has managed to run the graphical version of Ubuntu Linux, i.e. Ubuntu Unity on Windows 10. It's not " Microsoft Linux ." BASH or Bourne Again Shell is capable of handling advanced command line functionalities. Microsoft has provided support for Bash on Windows 10 as an expansion of its command-line tool family, so don't get confused. The Bash on Windows 10 feature is designed only for developers who want to run Linux terminal utilities without any OS dependencies. However, this feature downloads and installs
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Microsoft has Built its own Linux Operating System

Microsoft has Built its own Linux Operating System

Sep 18, 2015
Sit Tight on your seats, because you're gonna get a Shock. Microsoft has developed an Operating System powered by LINUX. Close your mouth first. It's True! Microsoft has built its own Linux-based operating system called Azure Cloud Switch (ACS ) and believe me, under Satya Nadella, Microsoft has become more open than ever. According to the announcement made through an official blog post on Microsoft website, Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) describes as "cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux." or Simply, " Commodity switch software stack for data center networks". The Purpose of developing Linux-based Azure Cloud Switch (ACS) operating system at Microsoft is to make it simpler to control the hardware from multiple vendors ( such as Switches ) that powers their cloud-based services. And here's the Kicker: "Running on Linux, ACS [Azure Cloud Switch] is able to make use of its vibrant eco
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