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Hilarious! Paid Jailbreak for Nintendo Switches Includes Anti-Piracy Code

Hilarious! Paid Jailbreak for Nintendo Switches Includes Anti-Piracy Code

Jun 28, 2018
It's hilarious that pirates are using anti-piracy measures to protect its own paid software that helps others to run pirated games on Nintendo Switches. Hacking group Team Xecuter —the developers of Nintendo Switch jailbreaking software SX OS that helps gamers play homebrewed and pirated games on the console—has itself been caught using anti-piracy measures in its own code that can brick your Switch, if it detects you are trying to crack it for unauthorized distribution. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you must be aware that to fight piracy on the console, the company has an anti-piracy measure in place that uses encrypted certificates to verify a game's legitimacy. If it detects any pirated game or modified console, the Switch immediately gets banned from the company's online servers. To bypass these restrictions, developers' groups like Team Xecuter (TX) offer jailbreaking software that enables gamers to play pirated games on the gaming console. Earlier this mont
PlayStation 4 Hacked to Run Linux

PlayStation 4 Hacked to Run Linux

Jan 02, 2016
Hackers enjoy much playing with PlayStation and Xbox, rather than playing on them. And this time, they have done some crazy things with Sony's PlayStation gaming console. It appears that a console-hacking that goes by the name of Fail0verflow have managed to hack PlayStation 4 (PS4) to run a Linux kernel-based operating system. Fail0verflow announced this week that they successfully cracked the PlayStation 4 and managed to install a full version of Linux on the system, turning the PlayStation 4 into a real PC . With this latest PS4 hack, the console-hacking group gave the homebrew software community hope that Sony's popular game console will soon become a valuable tool in their arsenal. Group Managed to Run Game Boy Advance and Pokémon on PS4 What's even more interesting? The hacking group didn't stop with Linux. The group also managed to install an emulator for the Game Boy Advance and a version of Pokémon , dubbing it the "PlayStat
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