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Malware Hunter — Shodan's new tool to find Malware C&C Servers

Malware Hunter — Shodan's new tool to find Malware C&C Servers

May 02, 2017
Rapidly growing, insecure internet-connected devices are becoming albatross around the necks of individuals and organizations with malware authors routinely hacking them to form botnets that can be further used as weapons in DDoS and other cyber attacks. But now finding malicious servers, hosted by attackers, that control botnet of infected machines gets a bit easier. Thanks to Shodan and Recorded Future. Shodan and Recorded Future have teamed up and launched Malware Hunter – a crawler that scans the Internet regularly to identify botnet command and control (C&C) servers for various malware and botnets. Command-and-control servers ( C&C servers ) are centralized machines that control the bots ( computers, smart appliances or smartphones ), typically infected with Remote Access Trojans or data-stealing malware, by sending commands and receiving data. Malware Hunter results have been integrated into Shodan – a search engine designed to gather and list information abo
Beebone Botnet Taken Down By International Cybercrime Taskforce

Beebone Botnet Taken Down By International Cybercrime Taskforce

Apr 10, 2015
U.S. and European law enforcement agencies have shut down a highly sophisticated piece of the botnet that had infected more than 12,000 computers worldwide , allowing hackers to steal victims' banking information and other sensitive data. The law enforcement agencies from the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union conducted a joint operation to get rid of the botnet across the globe and seized the command-and-control server that had been used to operate the nasty Beebone (also known as AAEH ) botnet . What's a Botnet? A botnet is a network of large number of computers compromised with malicious software and controlled surreptitiously by hackers without the knowledge of victims. Basically, a "botnet" is a hacker's "robot" that does the malicious work directed by hackers. Hackers and Cyber Criminals have brushed up their hacking skills and started using Botnets as a cyber weapon to carry out multiple crimes such as DDoS attacks
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