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Apple Launches Privacy-Focused 'Sign in with Apple ID' Feature at WWDC 2019

Apple Launches Privacy-Focused 'Sign in with Apple ID' Feature at WWDC 2019

Jun 03, 2019
Just like 'login with Google,' 'login with Facebook,' Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media site, you would now be able to quickly sign-up and log into third-party websites and apps using your Apple ID. What's the difference? Well, Apple claims that signing-in with Apple ID would protect users' privacy by not disclosing their actual email addresses to the 3rd-party services and also limiting personal information to the minimum necessary data. While announcing 'Sign in with Apple' today at WWDC, the company revealed that the feature has been designed to randomly generate a new unique email address for each different service a user sign-up with, and will forward all emails to your primary email ID, internally. "It [randomly generate emails] is a smart jab against spam: Not only will you be able to turn off spammy email more easily, but you'll also be able to see who exactly is sharing and selling your email widely when that random a
Hacker Released 'iDict' Tool That Can Hack Your iCloud Account

Hacker Released 'iDict' Tool That Can Hack Your iCloud Account

Jan 03, 2015
Hackers have a great start of new year 2015, giving a public threat to Apple's online iCloud service. A hacker using the handle " Pr0x13 " has released a password-hacking tool to GitHub website that assures attackers to break into any iCloud account, potentially giving them free access to victims' iOS devices. The tool, dubbed iDict , actually makes use of an exploit in Apple's iCloud security infrastructure to bypass restrictions and two-factor authentication security that prevents brute force attacks and keeps most hackers away from gaining access to users' iCloud accounts. Yes, the brute force security flaw in Apple's iCloud file storage service that was responsible for celebrity nude photos leak , including Kim Kardashian , Vanessa Hudgens , Jennifer Lawrence , Rihanna , Kristin Dunst and Kate Upton , late last year. Pr0x13 claims iDict to be a "100 percent" effective and simple to use method of cracking individual iCloud account login credentials. So, t
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