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Critical Flaw in Fortnite Android App Lets Hackers Install Malware

Critical Flaw in Fortnite Android App Lets Hackers Install Malware

Aug 27, 2018
Security researchers from Google have publicly disclosed an extremely serious security flaw in the first Fortnite installer for Android that could allow other apps installed on the targeted devices to manipulate installation process and load malware, instead of the Fortnite APK. Earlier this month, Epic Games announced not to make its insanely popular game ' Fortnite for Android ' available through the Google Play Store, but via its own app. Many researchers warned the company that this approach could potentially put Android users at a greater risk, as downloading APKs outside of the Play Store is not recommended and requires users to disable some security features on Android devices as well. And it seems like those fears and concerns were true. Google developers discovered a dangerous security flaw as soon as the Fortnite game launched on Android. Fortnite Android Installer Vulnerable to Man-in-the-Disk Attack In a proof-of-concept video published by Google, r
Did You Install Super Mario Run APK for Android? That's Malware

Did You Install Super Mario Run APK for Android? That's Malware

Dec 27, 2016
After the success of Pokémon Go , Nintendo's " Super Mario Run " has become the hottest game to hit the market with enormous popularity and massive social impact. The game has taken the world by storm since its launch for iOS devices over a week ago. Can you believe  —  it was downloaded more than 40 million times worldwide in its first four days of release. But if you have downloaded a Super Mario Run APK for your Android device, Beware! That's definitely a malware. Since Super Mario Run has currently been released only for iOS devices and is not on Google Play, it caused a lot of disappointment among Android users. So, eventually, many Android device owners who love Mario games and can not wait to play Super Mario Run ended up downloading APKs outside of the Google Play Store. But those tons of phony copycat unofficial Super Mario apps on many third-party Android app stores turn out to be malware or viruses that attempt to look like the legitimate Super
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Malicious Gaming App Infects More than 1 Million Android Users

Malicious Gaming App Infects More than 1 Million Android Users

Jul 12, 2015
It's not at all surprising that the Google Play Store is surrounded by a number of malicious applications that may gain users' attention to fall victim for one, but this time it might be even worse than you thought. Threat researchers from security firm ESET have discovered a malicious Facebook-Credentials-Stealing Trojan masquerading as an Android game that has been downloaded by more than a Million Android users. Malicious Android Apps downloaded 50,000-1,000,000 times The Android game, dubbed " Cowboy Adventure ," and another malicious game, dubbed " Jump Chess " – downloaded up to 50,000 times, have since been removed from Google Play Store. However, before taking them off from the app store, the creepy game apps may have compromised an unknown number of victims' Facebook credentials . Both the games were created by the same software developer, Tinker Studio and both were used to gather social media credentials from unsuspec
Rogue Android Gaming app that steals WhatsApp conversations

Rogue Android Gaming app that steals WhatsApp conversations

Dec 07, 2013
Google has recently removed a Rogue Android gaming app called " Balloon Pop 2 " from its official Play store that was actually stealing user's private Whatsapp app conversations. Every day numerous friends ask me if it is possible to steal WhatsApp chat messages and how, of course a malware represents an excellent solution to the request. In the past I already posted an article on the implementation of encryption mechanisms for WhatsApp application explaining that improper design could allow attackers to snoop on the conversation. Spreading the malware through an official channel the attacker could improve the efficiency of the attack, and it is exactly what is happening, an Android game has been published on the official Google Play store to stealthy steal users' WhatsApp conversation databases and to resell the collection of messages on an internet website. The games titled " Balloon Pop 2 " has been fortunately identified and removed from the official Google Play
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