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World's Biggest Botnet Just Sent 12.5 Million Emails With Scarab Ransomware

World's Biggest Botnet Just Sent 12.5 Million Emails With Scarab Ransomware

November 27, 2017Swati Khandelwal
A massive malicious email campaign that stems from the world's largest spam botnet Necurs is spreading a new strain of ransomware at the rate of over 2 million emails per hour and hitting computers across the globe. The popular malspam botnet Necrus which has previously found distributing Dridex banking trojan , Trickbot banking trojan , Locky ransomwar e, and Jaff ransomware , has now started spreading a new version of Scarab ransomware. According to F-Secure , Necurs botnet is the most prominent deliverer of spam emails with five to six million infected hosts online monthly and is responsible for the biggest single malware spam campaigns. Scarab ransomware is a relatively new ransomware family that was initially spotted by ID Ransomware creator Michael Gillespie in June this year. Massive Email Campaign Spreads Scarab Ransomware According to a blog post published by security firm Forcepoint, the massive email campaign spreading Scarab ransomware virus started at
WannaCry Inspires Banking Trojan to Add Self-Spreading Ability

WannaCry Inspires Banking Trojan to Add Self-Spreading Ability

August 02, 2017Swati Khandelwal
Although the wave of WannaCry and Petya ransomware has now been slowed down, money-motivated hackers and cyber criminals have taken lessons from the global outbreaks to make their malware more powerful. Security researchers have now discovered at least one group of cyber criminals that are attempting to give its banking Trojan the self-spreading worm-like capabilities that made recent ransomware attacks go worldwide. The new version of credential stealing TrickBot banking Trojan, known as " 1000029 " ( v24 ), has been found using the Windows Server Message Block (SMB)—that allowed WannaCry and Petya to spread across the world quickly. TrickBot is a banking Trojan malware that has been targeting financial institutions across the world since last year. The Trojan generally spreads via email attachments impersonating invoices from a large unnamed "international financial institution," but actually leads victims to a fake login page used to steal credenti
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