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Beware Coffee Lovers! StarBucks Exposed you to 3 Critical Vulnerabilities

Beware Coffee Lovers! StarBucks Exposed you to 3 Critical Vulnerabilities

September 18, 2015Swati Khandelwal
Ever registered on StarBucks website? Change your passwords now! If you are one of those Millions Starbucks customers who have registered their accounts and credit card details on StarBucks website, then your banking details are vulnerable to hackers. An Independent Security Researcher, Mohamed M. Fouad from Egypt, has found three critical vulnerabilities on StarBucks website that could have allowed attackers to take over your account in just one click. The vulnerabilities include: Remote Code Execution Remote File Inclusion lead to Phishing Attacks CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Stealing Credit Cards Details In case of Remote File Inclusion flaw, an attacker can inject a file from any location into the target page, which includes as a source code for parsing and execution, allowing attacker to perform: Remote Code Execution on the company's web server Remote Code Execution on the client-side, potentially allowing attacker to perform othe
Starbucks' iOS app storing user credentials in plain text

Starbucks' iOS app storing user credentials in plain text

January 17, 2014Anonymous
Watch out, coffee drinkers. If you are one of those 10 million Starbucks customers, who purchases drinks and food directly from their Smartphones, this news is for you! If you use Starbucks’ official iOS app, you should know that the company is not encrypting any of your information, including your password. The app allows the Starbucks customers to check their balance, transaction history, fund transfer, and store location, etc. A Security researcher Daniel E. Wood found a vulnerability (CVE-2014-0647) in STARTBUCKS v2.6.1. iOS mobile application, that stores your credential details and GPS locations in plain text format into the file system. To extract the information from the mobile, an attacker just needs to connect the device to a computer and accessing ' session . clslog ' file from the location given below: /Library/Caches/ com . crashlytics . data/ com . starbucks . mystarbucks /session . clslog The vulnerability , however, requires that the hacker has physical
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