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Three CISOs Share How to Run an Effective SOC

Three CISOs Share How to Run an Effective SOC

Sep 06, 2023 Security Operations Center (SOC)
The role of the CISO keeps taking center stage as a business enabler: CISOs need to navigate the complex landscape of digital threats while fostering innovation and ensuring business continuity. Three CISOs; Troy Wilkinson, CISO at IPG; Rob Geurtsen, former Deputy CISO at Nike; and Tammy Moskites, Founder of CyAlliance and former CISO at companies like Time Warner and Home Depot – shared their perspectives on how to run an effective SOC in 2023. 1) Prioritize Cost Efficiency While Remaining 'Secure' As a world-renowned speaker, a co-author of an Amazon Best Seller, and a trusted commentator on prominent news networks such as NBC, CBS, and Fox, Troy Wilkinson, knows a thing or two about cybersecurity. When adopting new technologies, Troy reinforces that CISOs don't have the luxury of waiting months or years to see the value of new investments; "Time to Value is critical. New solutions need to deliver value quickly." Rob Geurtsen, former Deputy CISO at Nike,  jo
Sigma Rules to Live Your Best SOC Life

Sigma Rules to Live Your Best SOC Life

Feb 02, 2021
Security Operations is a 24 x 7 job. It does not stop for weekends or holidays or even that much-needed coffee break after the first hour of the shift is complete. We all know this. Every SOC engineer is hoping for some rest at some point. One of my favorite jokes when talking about Security Operations is "3 SOC engineers walked into a bar…" That the joke. No SOC engineers have time to do that. They get it. They laugh. So why is this all true? Let us explore that a little bit. Demand for experienced SOC engineers far surpasses the available talent. Event volume levels boggle the imagination compared to even just a few years ago. Utilization of tools to their utmost capability has often not been a priority.  In the Security Operations space, we have been using SIEM's for many years with varying degrees of deployments, customization, and effectiveness. For the most part, they have been a helpful tool for Security Operations. But they can be better. Like any tool, t
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