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Effective Business Continuity Plans Require CISOs to Rethink WAN Connectivity

Effective Business Continuity Plans Require CISOs to Rethink WAN Connectivity

May 14, 2020
As more businesses leverage remote, mobile, and temporary workforces, the elements of business continuity planning are evolving and requiring that IT professionals look deep into the nuts and bolts of connectivity. CISOs and their team members are facing new challenges each and every day, many of which have been driven by digital transformation, as well as the adoption of other productivity-enhancing technologies. A case in point is the rapidly evolving need to support remote and mobile users as businesses change how they interact with staffers. For example, the recent COVID-19 crisis has forced the majority of businesses worldwide to support employees that work from home or other remote locations. Many businesses are encountering numerous problems with connection reliability, as well as the challenges presented by rapidly scaling connectivity to meet a growing number of remote workers. Add to that security and privacy issues, and it becomes evident that CISOs may very wel
Cato SDP: Cloud-Scale and Global Remote Access Solution Review

Cato SDP: Cloud-Scale and Global Remote Access Solution Review

Apr 30, 2020
The Scouts acknowledged the necessity to "Be Prepared" over 100 years (!) ago; the industry should have, as well. Yet COVID-19 took businesses – more like the entire world – by surprise. Very few were prepared for the explosion of remote access, and the challenge of instantly shifting an entire organization to work from anywhere. Cato Networks shared its increase in remote access usage post coronavirus outbreak. The trend is clear. Remote access has become an essential pillar for ensuring business continuity; nevertheless, the requirements to enable this, especially at a time of crisis, can be overwhelming. The industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. In the past, most works were performed from the office, and only a subset of the business operated remotely. Today, most (if not all) users require secure and optimized access to applications from remote. Legacy VPN isn't suited to support this shift. It was designed for sporadic access by a subset of the us
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Gartner Says the Future of Network Security Lies with SASE

Gartner Says the Future of Network Security Lies with SASE

Nov 07, 2019
Cloud services and networking are driving the concept of digital businesses, yet traditional networking and cybersecurity architectures are far from meeting the demands of the digital business. Gartner's " The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud " report spells out the potential for the transformation of networking and security in the cloud, built upon a new networking and security model. That model is called Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) , a term coined by Gartner's leading security analysts Neil MacDonald, Lawrence Orans, and Joe Skorupa. Gartner claims that SASE has the potential to invert the established networking and security service stack from one based in the data center into a design that shifts the focal point of identity to the user and the endpoint device. SASE addresses the numerous problems that have been discovered with traditional cybersecurity methods used in the cloud. Many of those problems have roots with the ideology that netwo
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